About Sunburst


Hi loves,

My name is Kait. I'm the founder and creative behind Sunburst Studios.

I believe that life is made up of millions of little "sunshine moments." Moments, things, people that fill up our proverbial cups. I make all of my pieces in hopes that they can inspire a little bit of this in your (and my) life. My wish is that anytime you or I put on a pair of Sunburst earrings or pass by some Sunburst decor on your wall, that you feel the warmth of the light that has always existed within you.

I started Sunburst in 2020, during the pandemic, when I was living with anxiety and the vicarious trauma that multiple global crises and working at a domestic violence center entailed. In moments of deep struggle, I turned to clay. This work changed me - it not only gave me an incredible coping strategy, getting my hands "dirty," so to speak. But it allowed me to start a business of my own that made me feel more comfortable leaving a 9-5 job that became toxic.

Sunburst means the world to me and all of your support literally makes all the difference. I need you to know that when you purchase any of my pieces, you're not just supporting a small woman-owned biz, but also adding some sunshine to my days. Above all, my work is my art - my craft - and knowing that you find it beautiful is all I need. ♡